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The world's largest retail chain of affordable normcore basics

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Product range. A perfect base to build your everyday wardrobe on. A point of note is that GAP is one of very few mass market stores that offer reasonably priced denims of decent quality.

Originality. GAP clothing is utterly normcore and in most cases can boast a good price/quality ratio.

Chic. GAP in not on-trend. The product range is occasionally disturbed, if at all, by a change of the seasons only.

Pricing. Truly affordable yet notoriously overpriced in developing countries.

Corporate history highlights. Gap, a joined effort by Donald and Doris Fisher, was founded in 1969. They started out as a chain of San-Francisco stores that sold LPs and Levi's jeans. Gradually Gap has grown into a major retail chain and expanded well beyond California. In 1974 Gap began to make and sell its namesake merchandise. The company also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy brands.


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