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High-performance outdoor apparel and footwear that appeal to hardcore adventurers, hard workers, and city fashionistas alike.

: 02074340785.

/- Timberland : timberland.co.uk

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Product range. Timberland is synonymous with its "survival" work boots. That said, its namesake stores also feature apparel for men, women and kids, as well as accessories: windproof coats and parkas, check shirts, jeans, straightforward pullovers, scarves and capable backpacks.

Originality. Timberland original yellow boots have long enjoyed the iconic status within the hip-hop vestimentary culture. But it's only recently that they finally got the long-due recognition among city fashionistas, challenging once-dominating Dr.Martens.

Chic. Timberland clothing is no-frills, comfy, utilitarian in style and colourways.

Pricing. TImberland's items are mid-priced. Footwear fall within the £55 to £220 price range.

Corporate history highlights. The company founded by Nathan Swartz produced its first waterproof all-leather boots in 1973. Initially, Timberland catered its durable and comfortable footwear for lumbermen, and, later, for fishermen, hunters, and rock-climbers. These long-wearing boots won favour of the suburban population of the US. As time passed, Timberland boots got popular with Dry Van drivers, hard-working New Englanders and non-conformistish youngsters. Nowadays, Timberland boots are conspicuous not only in deep forests and faraway deserts, but also anywhere in the ordinary streets.


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