About glocalabel.com
  • 18.03.22
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About glocalabel.com

glocalabel.com is a product discovery and recommendation platform built on the backbone of our directory of apparel, accessories, and beauty supply store locations in the UK and elsewhere in Europe.

glocalabel.com covers popular retail chains alongside top luxury brands, concept stores and showrooms, and emerging fashion labels as well. The project was launched in 2016.

Our mission is to enable you to find the stores and shopping centres that carry the clothing and footwear brands you’re interested in. We speak with you in an unbiased voice about the pros and cons of each retailer based on our hands-on knowledge and customer reviews.

The database behind glocalabel.com is updated daily: every single day we add new store information, publish the latest lookbooks, and write reviews. Getting listed on glocalabel.com is free.