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We aim at broadening your horizons of what is available nearby. To this end, we write reviews of well-established brands, introduce the budding ones, and recommend you local fashion labels we love

Shrimps: 3 stores in London

Shrimps, an upcoming British label to watch, are a faux fur specialist. Shrimps are all about being environmentally friendly. At Shrimps they use modacrylic fibers that are synthetic but are petroleum-free unlike the cheaper polyester. Apart from fake fur coats, a range of knitwear, lightweight clothing items, and accessories is also branded by Shrimps. All the pieces look hilarious and very girlish.

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Bershka: 4 stores in London

Bershka designers abuse upmarket labels as their muses and then make the ideas flesh with inexpensive fabrics, barely-there lace finishing and standard prints that occasionally feature kitschy texts. Overall, the final product looks appealing for the target market, with the core of the latter from the very inception being 13-23 year old girls, which neatly explains the observed fact that crowds of high-school girls enjoy spending their leisure time frequenting the company stores. All collections are released with the current seasonal trends in mind, which makes Bershka a nice source of budget versions of catwalk hits.

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