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The "British style" trend-setter among affordable retailers.

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Product range. Remarkably wide. Collections are divided into several lines, each catering to the specific needs of different age and lifestyle groups. The great bulk of the Marks&Spencer items are basic, all-purpose and no frills. They come in straightforward styles and quality materials, with appealing yet restrained prints not uncommon.

Originality. Should Marks and Sparks appear dullish at first glance, don't jump to any hasty conclusions. Their ongoing collaborations with emerging British designers give birth to capsule collections of highly exquisite clothing and accessories. There's no chance they won't catch your eye should you wander around the store and take a closer look at the items.

Chic. There can be little doubt about M&S limited edition pieces being called trend-setting, but the rest of the product range has more of the timeless elegance to it than of catwalk trends.

Pricing. Affordable but certainly not darn cheap.

Corporate history highlights. More than a century ago a Polish-Jewish refugee Michael Marks decided to try to set up his own business. In 1884, he opened a Penny Bazaar at Leeds Kirkgate Market recruiting the 'Don't ask the price, it’s a penny" slogan.. The first store was launched ten years later in Manchester, when cashier Thomas Spencer joined Marks to form Marks&Spencer, and the company we all know really started to take shape.


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