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A luxury label for thinking women inspired by Art Deco canvasses and vintage fashion. The off-kilter geometry of silhouettes and the prints send us back to the 1960s, while subdued colours and a truly Bohemian detailing belong to the Art Nouveau period

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Product range. Marni favours supple lines, natural colours (from earth to floral tones), and organic materials. That said, Marni's iconic pieces like sophisticated fur coats, dresses, blouses and T-shirts are geometrically dynamic enough to perfectly match with as dynamic accessories by Marni. Many of us are somewhat indifferent to Marni's idiosyncratic clothing, but hype its jewels. Bracelets and earring look massive enough but the latter never stretch ear lobes, they lightweight, self-sufficient and make up a perfect accessory for those eager to add impact to an otherwise minimalist outfit.

Originality. Consuelo Castiglioni, the brand's founder and designer, was among the first to champion vintage revival. Marni freely borrow silhouettes from the past decades and have made Pop Art-inspired prints the brand's signature. According to Castiglioni, although prints are ubiquitous nowadays, very few designers are aware of their rich combinatory potential. In Marni collections print designs are cross-contaminated and can be found even on collars and cuffs. Colourways are another founding element of Marni’s style. The signature mustard yellow, eucalyptus green, bordeaux red, and blue-grey often appear in unconventional colour blends unique to Marni. Neutral colours are enlivened with prints and luxury embellishments with rhinestones, crystals, and conspicuous embroidery.

Chic. The recent vintage craze was not lost on Marni. The brand that was once thought of as a niche label for slightly eccentric women art curators gained appeal to a wider audience several years ago.

Pricing. T-shirts are available for €85; the more elaborate of the dresses are €1,000, on average; necklaces range from €300 to €500, shoes cost from €350 to €450.


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