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Product range. Showers gels, bath bombs and bubble bars, shampoos and hair treatments, deodorants, solid and cream cleansers, face masks, makeup, lip balms, and perfume. It might be said that Lush was a trend-setter that sparkled the market interest in handmade organic cosmetics. A number of less prominent companies following the lead of Lush soon began to pop up on the market offering organic cosmetics made available from market stalls or their online stores. But it was only Lush that became successful on a truly global scale. The company's finished products are cruelty-free and they are claimed to be sourced only from suppliers who do not test on animals. Lush use recycled materials for packaging and donate a part of their profits to charities, making their best to live up to the expectations of their stakeholders as a socially responsible business.

What and how to buy. Most of the Lush products have a distinct pungent smell to them that eventually divided the world into those who love and hate it. Lush skincare products health benefits are somewhat arguable if one is to rely on the polarised customer feedback. The company brands itself as a manufacturer of organic cosmetics, but on a closer inspection, ingredient mix formulas of the great bulk of the products fail to support the claim, while their health benefits are arguable as well. The company is also remarkable for making available a range of products in a quite idiosyncratic form. Shower jellies, solid perfumes, toothpaste tabs are all but endemic to Lush. These novelties are much appreciated by their customers. Lush could also be described as a perfect gift store. Inventive packaging, vibrant colours, and odours all make for a memorable present. Few people would buy a box set made of more than two dozens of products, but still fewer would be able to resist the pleasure of having the box as a birthday present.

Unique products. Let's be honest, Lush shine when it comes to the aesthetic, not the health part. That said, Lush have quite a few of all-time beauty bestsellers to their credit. Their takes on henna, cuticle butter, and bath oils speak for themselves.

Pricing. Most of the products are within the £10 range, gift box sets that may come with as many as 28 items are £50 to £150.

Corporate history highlights. Lush is a British company founded by a trichologist Mark Constantine and a beauty therapist Liz Weir who happened to work in the same hair and beauty salon. The history of their collaboration began back in the late 1970s when their launched 'Herbal Hair and Beauty Clinic', based in Poole. The company made its name as the biggest supplier of handmade cosmetics to The Body Shop. After their business was bought out by The Body Shop and their relationship that lasted for about a decade was put to end, in 1987 Mark and Liz launched Cosmetics to Go, a mail order business that ended up as a financial disaster in 1994. It was only in 1995 that the team resurrected as Lush and opened a tiny store in Poole operating on a shoe string budget. Nowadays, Lush can boast a network of over 700 stores worldwide.


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