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Product range. Necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings, wedding bands, charms, brooches, as well as a range of men's jewellery (including cuff links) available in over 2,000 designs. Designs are not eye-catching but are remarkably diverse. Tiffany offer everything from petite stud earrings to mesh scarf necklaces; however, the bigger pieces are slightly outnumbered by the smaller ones. The great bulk of the range is made up of simple shape pendants on a 16-20" chains, small-sized drop earrings, and narrow bracelets.

Chic. In the modern jewellery industry, Tiffany&Co. is actually more of a trend follower than a setter. However, Tiffany&Co. are loved not for cutting edge designs, but for impeccable execution and high-quality materials. This jewellery company can boast the most loyal customer base on the planet. Wedding bands and engagement rings by Tiffany are as ubiquitous as Pandora charm bracelets. A lion's share of the product range is essentially built around elegant variations on timeless designs like freshwater pearl bracelets and 2.0 ct diamond rings. That said, Tiffany also offer minimalist geometric earrings and cuff bracelets.

Originality. Absolute, when it comes to quality, but arguable when it comes to designs. Open Heart collections by Elsa Peretti and key pendants, however, are to remain among the most recognizable and popular products by Tiffany.

Pricing. Tiffany & Co. stores offer jewellery that ranges from £120 arrow earrings to £40,000 or more few-of-a-kind high jewellery pieces.

Corporate history highlights. Tiffany&Co., and American jewellery brand, started out in New York in 1837 as a "stationery and fancy goods emporium" under the name of "Tiffany, Young and Ellis". Four years later the store extended its range to cover silver jewellery and timepieces. In 1845, Tiffany published its first mail-order catalogue (known as the Blue Book) of "useful and fancy articles". The Blue book tradition has been preserved to this day. The catalogue serves as an annual presentation of couture jewellery by Tiffany.

In 1848, after the fall of King Louis-Philippe of France, Tiffany were busy purchasing diamonds from fleeing aristocrats and were first to introduce major gemstones in the USA. In the years that followed Tiffany's name became etched into the history of jewellery industry: they instituted the 925/1000 sterling silver standard; Tiffany received the grand prize at the Paris World Fair of 1867; finally, in 1926, the United States adopts Tiffany’s standard of purity (95 percent) as the country’s official standard for platinum. The jewellery by Tiffany became relatively affordable only in the aftermath of the 1990-1991 crisis, when the company decided to target broader audience.


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