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Product range. Handbags and footwear for women. Minimalism with a subtle retro touch. Bucket Bag, the most popular of the range, is reissued every new season in several sizes and colours ranging from camello to black. The bag is offered with generous 11 colour options for interior matte patent coating. The footwear range covers ballet flats, loafers, sandals, and 1940's-ish shoes. Footwear is available in an even more varied range of 15 colours.

Originality. Mansur Gavriel is the living proof of the triumph of functional products and adequate marketing, a key sign of our times. Fanfare-free all-purpose designs, ease of use, decent craftsmanship, and a variety of colours are key to Mansur Gavriel's success. Advertising campaigns with their zeitgeisty, captivating and memorable imagery also contributed a lot to the brand's rise to prominence. Dusty pastel shades, wow-colours, fruits and tropical flora, still lifes and landscape backgrounds, tableaux vivants and modern architecture prove the concept behind Mansur Gavriel to be truly original, the impact well-calculated, and the marketing strategy well thought-out.

Chic. Absolutely. Mansur Gavriel ensured their place in the history of our age not only thanks to their designs and visual imagery, but also with the brand's story itself. Emerging labels that focus on their concepts often fail due to sloppy business planning, inability to secure production facilities and source the materials. In this regard, Mansur Gavriel is an awe-inspiring perfect fashion startup.

Pricing. Accessible pricing is another reason for the hype around the brand. A handbag by Mansur Gavriel costs from $400 to $1,000, which is way cheaper than any of the It bags. The brand's popularity not in the least suffers from such pricing with Mansur Gavriel handbags sold out in a flash with the massive waiting lists second to none, even to Hermès Birkin. That said, to keep up with the growing demand, it would be inevitable for the company to expand their production capacity, which, as a rule, comes at the price of quality compromises. As of today, all handbags are manufactured at an Italian factory with Tuscan leather.

Corporate history highlights. Mansur Gavriel, it's nearly iconic status notwithstanding, is a very young brand. It was launched in 2012 by Americans Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel. They met in Los Angeles. They were happy to learn that they shared a lot in terms of their educational backgrounds and tastes and both agreed that the middle-up market niche for great handbags was vacant. After half a year of online communication (at that time Floriana was based in Berlin) they managed to come up with handbag prototypes in Los Angeles and even participated in the Capsule tradeshow that proved fruitful and the duo moved to New York afterwards. This is an inspiring story, very much in the spirit of 'How to make it in America' TV series.


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