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Product range. Womenswear collections feature drape-sleeve fit-and-flare dresses, ruffle and tailored shirts, floral print maxi dresses for summer lounges, and well-sewn office wear. Menswear includes double-breasted suit jackets, essential shirts, trousers, chinos, and cashmere sweaters. To sum up, adults who stop by Banana Republic will find it anything but a teens and kids store.

Originality. Quality fabrics, predictable colourways, and common prints. Time-honoured styles are relaxed-fit, yet sufficiently understated and only reasonably formal. All in all, this sounds hopelessly uninspired but this is exactly what the Banana Republic loyal customer demands.

Chic. The designer team behind Banana Republic favour time-honoured styles and give them a new reading.

Pricing. Unreasonably high. When you stop by a Banana Republic store, the chances are you'll find yourself in utter solitude while browsing through the store for hours.

Corporate history highlights. Banana Republic started out as a safari-themed family-run shop that recycled military excess inventory to make inexpensive clothing. The store distinguished itself not only by its fancy interior replete with life-size model giraffes, but also by its hand-illustrated catalogues that featured travel essays and fiction. In 1983, the brand was acquired by Gap. Banana Republic were completely revamped with no traces remained of its glorious, if weird, past.


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