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Product range. Dresses somewhat reminiscent of those available from adult shops, stiletto lace up sandals, crop tops that serve dual purpose as both a top and a piece of lingerie, close-fitting leather trousers, and leggings. Don't take us wrong, even though it's the pieces that ooze sexuality that grab the attention, Missguided also sell a comprehensive range of essential casuals (with dresses along counting over 2,000 styles): comfy jumpers, dress shirts and the like.

Originality. All in all, Missguided is in the footsteps of ASOS or River Island, but a way more suggestive, to say the least. Missguided outfits are perfect for weekend parties: an exercise in challenging puritan morality and social hypocrisy. With the great bulk of the ranges teetering on the edge of kitsch or being kitsch par excellence, Missguided offer a few pieces that stand out: dungaree allovers, duster jackets, military blazers, and tender silk bomber jackets in delicate rose.

Chic. Missguided are well aware of the latest trends but still opt for something that never goes out of fashion, that is sex appeal.

Pricing. From £4 for a faux floral head band to £150 for an all over sequin dress. Biker leather jackets are about £50.

Corporate history highlights. Missguided was founded in 2009 by Nitin Passi, who still owns and runs the company. Year 2015 proved pivotal for Missguided as they managed to launch several brick and mortar stores in the UK and initiated their partnership with ASOS.


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