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Product range. Cable jumpers, cardigans, checked mini skirts, shirts and dresses, breton stripe tops and quilted jackets are all the staple of a classic wardrobe of an affluent university student. ... The outfit idea is not really novel, something that we've seen many times before on the movies and that is recognizable worldwide, far from being endemic to the UK, its place of origin. Probable inspirations include movies as diverse as Scent of a Woman or Cruel Intentions.

Originality. Jack Wills has a patriotic flavour to them, but it's rarely as blatant as the abuse of the Union Jack. Still, almost ubiquitous are check pattern as well as the palette of red, green, blue, white and pink. Jack Wills is a unique brand, but their collections are less so. Though in more diluted guises, pretty much the same is available from a number of mass market retailers. That said, Jack Wills are widely applauded for the make quality: their production facilities are located mainly in the UK, not in still relatively cheap labour China.

Chic. Sporty shorts are perfect for a lazy dormitory outfit, close-fitting jeans are great for dates, white shirts and tailored jackets are unrivalled as a final exam attire. Jack Wills have found a timeless niche market. White and checker shirts, short wool skirts, sweatshirts, gray baseball caps and the like, all teetering between casual and sports styles, are unlikely to go out of fashion. What's more, it's not only students who shop there. However, with Jack Wills forget about international fashion trends. At Jack WIlls you'll find heritage fashion only.

Pricing. Hoodies, jumpers, and cardigans, on the average, cost £60, jeans are £50, t-shirts are £25.

Corporate history highlights. The first Jack Wills store was opened in Devon, in 1999. Nowadays, Jack Wills is a retail chain of over 320 stores that are usually located in university towns and seaside resorts, as close to the target market as possible. In September 2008, Jack Wills launched Aubin & Wills, a sister brand catered to the older customer of 25 years old and up, but four years later changed their minds and launched the campaign to merge the two back into one, to adapt to market demands.


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