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Retailer of affordable bags, millinery, jewellery, and miscellaneous accessories


Product range. The product range is made up mostly of bags and accessories. Accessorize stores stock all sort of women's bags from satchels to clutches to tote bags to backpacks. The jewellery range covers both more reserved gold plate and sterling silver statement items and cute candy-coloured plastic jewellery. Also, Accessorize sell a diversity of hair accessories, hats and fascinators, scarves, footwear (sandals, flip flops, and ballet flats), tights, and a range of lingerie. Accessorize Angels collection includes trendy hair accessories, bags, and umbrellas for girls. It's nice to know that the stores add new items to their stock weekly.

Originality. Accessorize tend to offer several remarkably eclectic yet equally attractive and well-thought out collections at the same time. Most of the jewellery range is in ethnic style.

Chic. Lives up to the expectations. Accessorize's designers copiously bite and borrow from current trends and styles. That said, vanilla black tights and hair ponies are always in stock.

Pricing. The prices at Accessorize are not overly low, but still reasonable so that you can treat yourself with a nice trifle even if on a shoestring budget.

Corporate history highlights. The label was founded in England in 1972. Initially conceived as an extension to Moonsoon, it grew into a label of its own.



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