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Spanish tribal fusion jewellery for the affluent

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Product range: UNOde50 make men's and women's rings, necklaces, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, anklets, keychains, watches, and belts. Designs are unmistakeably Spanish: chunky, eye-catching, and never static. Jewellery by UNOde50 is free of angular and geometric shapes and makes no nods to symmetry. The emphasis is put on ethnically-tinged elements: coloured beads, coins, and leather belts Most of the pieces are coated with silver. Quite minimalist items also occasionally make it to the brand's assortment: e.g., a choker necklace in an irregular nail shape, which looks like a clever take on the iconic jewellery by Cartier.

Originality: all jewellery pieces by UNOde50 are made of a special silver plated metal mix. The use of such alloys adds to the signature nearly organic feel of the texture. All items are handmade or manually treated in Spain only.

Relevance: UNOde50 are a brand that works independently of trends and fads. Designs haven't seen major revisions since the debut collection and are unlikely to change in the years to come. This unswerving policy is instrumental in boosting brand awareness and hence its sales.

Pricing policy: Pricey for jewellery pieces that are all too easy easy to mistake for bijoux. Necklace prices fall within the $100 to $1,000 range, bracelets on average cost $170, rings and earrings are $85.

Corporate history highlights: The brand was founded in the late 1990s. Initially, every jewellery item by the brand was produced in a batch of 50 pieces, which gave the brand its name literally translated as "one of 50". Nowadays, UNOde50 is an impressive retail chain of stores all over the world, and the original exclusivity concept has grown irrelevant. Some of the items, however, are still produced in limited editions of 50.

The brand had been virtually unknown in Russia until 2015 when several UNOde50 stores were opened almost simultaneously in major shopping centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg: at Tsvetnoy, Galeria, and Evropeisky.


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