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A Swedish label of simple and comfy clothing

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Product range. Lindex is a store of simple and comfortable everyday clothing and is not meant to offer anything adventurous. A notable exception is Lindex's collaborations with top designers. For example, in 2014, Jean-Paul Gaultier contributed a capsule collection for Lindex that was made up of anything but trivial items, if judged by mass market standards, affordable at bargain prices.

Originality. Perhaps, the only feature that stands out when it comes to Lindex pieces is their loose relaxed fit: skinny jeans, tight skirts and tailored shirts are rare with Lindex.

Chic. In the spring, cute flower prints, in the summer a strip combined with something brightest bright. In autumn, beige. Lindex paratactics is very much in the lines and innate spirit of this unpretentious verse.

Pricing. Friendly prices are one of the biggest reasons for Lindex's success.

Corporate history highlights. The first Lindex store opened in a tiny Swedish town in 1954 and sold lingerie.


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