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The footwear brand catapulted  into the spotlight by Princess Diana and 'Sex and the City' TV series

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Product range: shoes and sandals that are sexy, come in vibrant colors, and waste no chance to accentuate the sensual curve of the foot's arch. Trainers by Jimmy Choo are always a guaranteed failure: snake prints and sequins make for a blatantly cheap look. Men's footwear collections are just as tasteless. Just like the footwear, handbags turn heads, with the great bulk of them coming in special occasion evening bag styles. Wedding shoes look as if they leaped from the pages of the 'Cinderella' critical edition but expect exorbitant prices as well.

Originality: Jimmy Choo is a brand meant for red carpets. Occasions of this type are rare, while most of the shoes by Jimmy Choo just doesn't work for everyday wear. Celebrations and parties are another matter altogether: they are a perfect reason to unpack at last your glorious pumps, especially if you're lucky to spend most of the evening sitting. The intense debate over whether Jimmy Choo makes more comfortable shoes than Manolo Blahnik has never been settled. The uneasy truth for both shoemakers, however, is that it's flats that win by a landslide

Relevance: The heyday of 'Sex and the City' fashion that favored lavishly decorated high heels is long passed, but Jimmy Choo has apparently seen no reason to change since the 2000s. Gold, lacework, leopard prints, and even gemstones still reign supreme in Jimmy Choo's collections.

Pricing policy: iconic pumps by Jimmy Choo are available for £400, strappy sandals finished with Swarovski crystal detailing will cost you as much as £3,000.

Corporate history highlights: The Jimmy Choo brand is younger than you might think. It was founded in 1996 by Jimmy Choo, a British shoemaker of Malaysian origin, and Tamara Mellon, an ex-editor of British Vogue. The brand history is grossly unremarkable. As it usually happens, everything changed overnight with the brand garnering glory and a persistent cult following thanks to a celebrity angel, with Princess Diana playing this role in the case of Jimmy Choo. She wore Jimmy Choo shoes on a number of high-profile special occasions and eventually Jimmy Choo was named official shoemaker to her. Add to this that eye-catching designs championed by the brand were of course not lost on costume designers and script writers of 'Sex and the City'. After several iconic shoe moments in this television series the brand cemented its reputation of one of the most luxurious footwear labels on a par with Manolo Blahnik.


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