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A luxury cosmetics company of plant-based and cruelty free products of impeccable reputation.

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Product range. Skin care products and cosmetics for women; cosmetics, sun protection and grooming products for men. Of utmost interest are novelties released in limited editions: think a contouring palette with the angular application brush or all-in-one make-up pen with 4 retractable colours, reminiscent of vintage pens that inked multiple colours. Very few beauty reviews worth their name fail to cover Clarins products.

What/how to buy. Clarins are a perfect solution for those who value plant-based formulas, animal free testing and the commitment of the company to social responsibility. Add to this a level of professional expertise second to none. All products by Clarins are plant-based. The plants are either grown locally in France or are imported based on fair trade principles. The company runs several major joint programs with non-commercial organizations to preserve threatened plant species of the Alpine environment (with Alp Action); or L'Herboretum, a French project to encourage sustainable natural ingredient development. Clarins do not do animal testing and their products are paraben-free.

Unique products. The 'Creme Jeunesse des Mains' hand cream (developed by the Clarins founder himself); the 'Baume Beaute Eclair' reaffirming balm; the 'Baume Contour des Yeux' eye contour care.

Pricing. Skin care products cost £30 on average; makeup products are £15 and above.

Corporate history highlights. The beauty spa on rue Tronchet in Paris opened by Jacques Courtin-Clarins in 1954 started it all for Clarins. In 1962, Courtin-Clarins presented his first invention: The Masvelt "Body Shaping Cream", massage oil with essential oils and slimming properties. The beauty spa's unique selling point was the use of virtuoso massage techniques for product application, a tradition preserved to this day by the art of touch mastered by all Clarins shop assistants. Massage oils were followed by organic facial creams that were distributed by Courtin-Carins through perfume stores in France. In 1974 the company started its international expansion (Clarins products are now available in 130 countries worldwide). In 1980, Clarins were named the top-selling luxury skincare brand in France. In 1984 Clarins were listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, which fostered the company growth.


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