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An enigmatic French label best known for its highly experimental runway collections and their understated ready-to-wear adaptations

Review of Maison Margiela

Product range. Maison Margiela is elegance par excellence. The abundance of white, asymmetric cuts, and clearly defined lines hint at either A Space Odyssey or Snow Queen's palace. Maison Margiela, however, also makes clean-cut vests, jackets, and trench coats, as well as chunky minimalist jewellery and elaborated bags. The footwear by Maison Margiela usually comes in fancy forms like open-toe ankle boots or brushed leather boots with cylindrical heels extending beyond the back.

Originality. Anonymity is the defining characteristic of Maison Margiela's marketing strategy. Martin Margiela himself always remains backstage with no photographs, face-to-face interviews or runway bows, while his models similarly wear face-obscuring masks during runway shows. The other salient feature is being 'omnivorous'. Martin Margiela dubbed as the father of 'Destroy Fashion' was skillful at assembling clothes out of any found object like broken plates, or found gloves, trainers, and belts. Artisanal line by Maison Margiela, labeled '0', is completely handmade of recycled objects.

Chic. The pieces by Maison Margiela are must-haves for high-brow fashionistas.

Pricing. The prices vary from €150 for a basic ready-to-wear top to €3,000 for a coat that is very unlikely to go unnoticed.

Should you be interested in the history of the company and its founder we strongly recommend you to get your hands on the ''Maison Martin Margiela' published by Rizzoli in 2009 and available for a mere $100. The splendid book written by Martin Margiela (with contributions by Jean-Paul Gaultier et al.) is a lavish piece of book art designed by Margiela himself.


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