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Product range. Lacoste makes clean-cut, understated, yet upbeat sportswear that is perfect for summer walks, but not for gym exercises. In recent years, the brand has been shifting toward sports-luxe segment of the athleisure market and cemented its reputation with sweatshirt dresses and suede bags that are certainly not meant to use as a holdall for your trainers. That said, functional sport clothing do have their share.

Originality. Markedly unassuming designs notwithstanding, the pieces by Lacoste are hard to mistake for anything else with their rainbow colours, minimalist detailing, impeccable polo shirt collars, and, needless to say, the world's most famous crocodile.

Chic. Lacoste has remained true to its DNA for decades, which eventually proves the right thing do given how much popularity and recognition the brand has gained over time.

Pricing. €150 no-frills jersey sweaters may struck you as fatally overpriced, but those who purchase them know for sure that it will definitely pay off.

Corporate history highlights. The iconic 'crocodile', Lacoste's insignia, was a nickname of René Lacoste, a French Grand Slam tennis legend and the tennis ball machine inventor who co-founded the brand together with André Gillier, president of the then largest French knitwear company and introduced novel crocodile-emblazoned polo shirts. This proves that top tennis players are also as sophisticated dandies.


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