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A brand of cosmetics and body care products made of natural ingredients

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Product range: skin care, body care, and hair care products alongside a relatively modest range of makeup made of natural ingredients. The Body Shop put emphasis on environmentally friendly silicone-free products. The company uses 50% renewable energy at its stores; all products are free from polyethylene microbead and are 100% vegetarian; the use of animal testing is completely banned from all products; raw materials are selected on the basis of biodegradability; the company implements measures to minimize the impact of its packaging, supports fair trading community, and is active in assuming corporate social responsibility. On a par with Lush (founded by herbalist Mark Constantine, once a key partner for sourcing ingredients) and Yves Rocher, The Body Shop is now considered an organic cosmetics industry leader, which is unlikely to change in the years to come.

Things to buy and How to buy them: grapefruit and mango exfoliating body scrubs, coconut hair oils, shea body butters, and strawberry shower gels have won the hearts and minds of many customers. They are not just seductively smelling, they work: the scrub does make your skin feels like velvet. The Body Shop all time best selling products include vitamin E creams, solid oils for body and hair, and mango range items.

Pricing policy: scrubs cost ₽800 on average, shower gels are ₽350, body oils are ₽800, and cleansing gels are ₽700.

Corporate history highlights: The first Body Shop store was unveiled in 1976 in Brighton, UK. Anita Roddick (1942 – 2007), a human rights activist and environmental campaigner, started out by preparing in her home kitchen a batch of 15 skin care products made of natural, if exotic, ingredients. She packaged them in recyclable urine sample bottles because they were available free of charge from a local hospital. In spite of being produced on a shoe string, hand-made and hand-mixed, they received a lot of publicity. In just a decade since its foundation, the company went public. The same 1986 year The Body Shop started sponsoring posters for Greenpeace. The Body Shop established a department responsible for environment protection projects with Save the Whale (1986) being the first major campaign carried out by the company in alliance with Greenpeace. The acutely felt social responsibility was instrumental in cementing the company's reputation as an international cosmetics market leader known for ingredients source and quality control, sophisticated staffing policy and franchising pre-qualification procedure, as well as incessant charity and human rights activities.


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