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Product range. Watches for men and women that come in a variety of colours and sizes, plus sunglasses and bijoux collections. Swatch offers a comprehensive range of watches from feature-packed models with oversized dials to austere ones that are lack even a second hand, with round or square cases, plastic or metallic, monochrome or with fancy imagery, cheeky or solemn. Out of several hundred watch models by Swatch everyone will find one to her liking.

Originality. Swatch is arguably the most recognizable of all Swiss watch brands. The watches are sexy, a pleasure to use, and affordable.

Pricing. Affordable. Most of the watches neatly fall within the €50 to €150 range. Sunglasses, on average, cost €100.

Trivia. Swatch, a Swiss watchmaker, was established more than three decades ago during the so called 'quartz crisis' as a last resort measure to rescue the Swiss watchmaking from being conquered by Japanese companies. Nowadays Swatch is as alive as ever with thirty brand new watches produced every minute.

It's tempting to think of Swatch's name as derived from 'Swiss Watch', while in fact it's a contraction of the term 'Second Watch', i.e. a watch serving as an affordable casual accessory.


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