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Product range. Zara are a one stop source to fill your wardrobe. You're feeling lucky: on offer are clothing for men, women and kids, footwear and accessories.

Originality. Zara are about catwalk revelations brought down to earth. In most cases, the adaption of high-end designs boils down to their polite copies, so that getting your hands on a lookalike of a floral Givenchy T-shirt or a Celine sweater dress at the mall two blocks away becomes a snap. The secret to Zara's appeal is that lower prices notwithstanding the pieces don't look cheap at all.

Chic. Absolutely. On offer at Zara are all the recent catwalk highlights.

Pricing. Long past are the days when Zara was for those on a shoestring. We witnessed a sharp upsurge in Zara prices as company has come to lead the fast fashion market. No frills jeans are still available for less than €20, yet for a feather skirt, a kimono or a pair of ankle boots, you'll have to pay up.

Corporate history highlights. Zara are a flagship brand of Inditex, and it was Zara that started it all for the company that now enjoys the benefits of its status as a global clothing giant. The first Zara store was opened by Amancio Ortega, the company founder, in La Coruña, Spain, in 1975. As of October 31, 2014, Zara operated a retail chain of 1,895 stores worldwide. The key success factors that contributed to the rise of the Spanish company as a market leader are said to be the following. First, the company prioritized launching new stores over fancy advertising campaigns, the strategy Zara have stuck for decades. Second, from the very beginning, Amancia Ortega advocated the concept of ‘fast fashion’ as a way to immediately respond to the changes in the preferences and tastes of the customers. And he eventually made this vision come true: the company succeeded in cutting lead-time from design to distribution to the mere 10-15 days, where the industry standard is 6 months (sic!). Third, Amancio Ortega initiated the shift from one designer paradigm in favour of a team-based approach, which shortened the production cycle even more. Finally, Zara are a vertically integrated retail chain. This means that the company designs, produces, and sells clothing all by itself. As a consequence, unlike many of its rivals, it has full control over the critical parts of the supply chain.


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