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Product range. Menswear, womenswear, footwear, and accessories. Restrained office wear style reigns supreme at Sisley. Even padded jackets are modeled after collarless tailored suit jackets. Most of the items come in black and grey. Prints and vivid colours are rare there.

Originality. Sisley collections also feature blouses in silk Georgette, mini dresses with sequins and baguettes, faux leather shorts, and asymmetrical bottom wrap skirts. But these are nothing but are the remnants Sisley's glorious past. Nowadays, however, you'd be well advised to stop by Sisly stores if in search of plain vanilla gray jumpers and pants, and other quality essentials.

Chic. Sisley collections are anything but on-trend.

Pricing. Far from being the lowest on the market. Apparel prices fall within the £35 to £60 price range, Outerwear can cost from as low as £55 for lightweight padded jackets to as high as £250 for long coats in wool blend cloth. Leather footwear is £100 to £140.

Corporate history highlights. Sisley suffered the same fate as United Colors Of Benetton, also owned by Benetton Group. Once the destination for colourful jumpers, United Colours of Benetton eventually turned another classic office clothes store. In the early 2000s, Sisley campaigns featured controversial shots by the notorious Terry Richardson (banned in various countries). While Sisley ads keep shockingly entertaining us, the clothing pieces themselves do not.


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