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Arguably, the first brand most often associated with handbags and fur goods

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Brand's DNA. Fendi is renowned for their accessories (mostly handbags) and fur good, with the most iconic of them being Baguette. This modestly sized, streamlined and oblong handbag has been enjoying the enduring iconicity and regular reissues since its appearance back in 1997. It's a curious but telling fact that the brand launched its fur coat production half a century before the introduction of its first clothing collection. The company is certainly not about environmentally sustainable fashion. Everything about Fendi yells luxury in its classical sense with gold, fur, and organic leathers galore. That said, the brand lacks no grotesque and irony in its style. To have a better grasp of the Fendi's vision it would suffice to browse through the list of the movies that have Anna Fendi (a daughter born to Edoardo and Adele) credited for costumes and accessories: La Traviata, Once upon in America, The Godfather III, and the ship sails on and on.

Chic. The style cultivated ad Fendi knows no extravagance whatsoever. Fendi's collections today are about subtle play of colour, ingenious cuts, and cleverly adapting the latest trends while staying true to the brand's DNA. These days, it's the 1970s centered vision with its characteristic heterogeneity and stark contrasts; it remains to be seen how the brand is going to reinvent itself tomorrow when responding to new challenges.

Pricing. Fendi handbags, as well as dresses, on average, cost €1,500. A fur coat can cost as much as €25,000.

Corporate history highlights. The company was founded as a fur and leather shop by an Italian couple of Adel and Edoardo Fendi in 1925. The brand came to prominence during the postwar years in Italy and soon became synonymous with prestigious and statement pieces. In the 1960s, it was Karl Lagerfeld who proved to be a decisive influence on the brand's vision. He made fur coats less bulky and introduced a new logo. The first womenswear collection saw the light of the day only in 1977, while the first menswear collection was launched as late as in 1990. Nowadays, LVMH, a luxury goods giant, holds a majority of the company's stock.


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