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An Italian brand of breathable footwear for the whole family

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Product range. Footwear, accessories, and apparel for women, men, and kids. Geox collections always feature comfortable low heels, boots of practical style, moccasins with a cushioned non-slip sole, flat sandals, and sports footwear. Geox winter collections are remarkable for their hi-tech insoles that ensure high insulation and keeps your feet at a comfortable temperature.

Originality. A special breathable and waterproof Amphibiox membrane is present in the sole and around the top of the foot. In other words, the key Geox innovation is that it keeps the foot dry no matter what weather conditions you're in and how many miles you covered on your trip.

Chic. The great bulk of the product range is of more or less classical style, but the brand is not a stranger to the latest fashion trends and offers foil metallic slip-ons and other novelties.

Pricing. Geox is far from being overly pricey, but it's not that affordable either. Geox footwear costs €80-€100 on average.

Corporate history highlights. In the early 1990s Mario Moretti Polegato, while jogging in his rubber sole shoes couldn't shake the uneasy feeling of his feet getting too hot. Deeply unsatisfied with the situation he cut several holes in the sole of his shoes with a Swiss Army knife much to his cathartic delight. This revealing experience made him think hard of a solution to the problem of truly comfortable footwear and eventually his meditations gave birth to Geox that he founded in 1995 in Montebelluna, Italy.


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