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Product range. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Reebok is its athletic shoes. Recently, however, the company has changed its strategy and focuses more on fitness apparel and accessories.

Originality. The gem of Reebok's product range is its limited collections of sneakers decorated with the works by notable graffiti artists. It takes an effort though to get your hand on them.

Chic. As fashion makes sports an easy bedfellow, the company shines.

Pricing. A pair of decent shoes is available for €50. As for the apparel, high quality and state-of-the art technology well justify its not that modest pricing.

Corporate history highlights. In 1895, Joseph William Foster made the first pair of Reebok spiked running shoes. Company's history is replete with rises and falls, but it's the acquisition by adidas in 2006 that arguably became a true milestone for Reebok.



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