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Product range. Yet another affordable and trendy fast fashion giant for the young. Forever 21, in their spirit, most closely resemble British ASOS. The telling name notwithstanding, the target audience of Forever 21 is more likely to be those under 21. Forever 21 stores are always crowded by high school students and freshmen. The clothing by Forever 21 shines when put on the girls of their age.

Originality. Forever 21 release their collections in relatively small batches and update them on a regular basis. Most of the pieces are for all practical purposes identical to those available from the competition; however, the Contemporary line by Forever 21 occasionally feature more fancy items. Better still, they are priced just as regular Forever 21 clothes.

Chic. Forever 21 are quite selective in embracing the latest trends accepting only those that are most likely to be favoured by girls. So do not expect cutting edge extravaganza there.

Pricing. One can easily built a head to toe all Forever 21 outfit for less than a mere hundred pounds. The clothes are inexpensive, but expect somewhat cheap quality as well.

Trivia. Nothing would prevent Forever 21 from cutting down costs, even the managerial staff there share hotel rooms with coworkers on business travels and fly cattle class only. The company is also notorious for its legal battle with Adobe. In 2015, the software giant, alongside Corel and Autodesk, accused Forever 21 of making illegal copies of Adobe Photoshop and other software products. Eventually, the parties settled the suit out of court.


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