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A German luxury fashion house that stuck in the 2000s

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Brand's DNA. Escada offer essential feminine womenswear. The label has always put emphasis on vivid colours. Colourful evening gowns made of soft flowing fabrics, overalls, printed suit jackets, and silk blouses are among Escada's staple pieces. However, the great bulk of them are quite ordinary office wear.

Chic. The designs championed by Escada have a definite passé touch to them. Tailored suit jackets, V-neck cuts, tweed bodycon dresses, mohair jumpers, and fur boleros saw their heyday a decade and a half ago. The same holds true for the prints that look dated. But rest assured, there are exceptions to this tendency.

Pricing. Outerwear costs about £1,300, pants are £350, dresses are £700.

Corporate history highlights. Escada is a German fashion label founded by Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in 1976. As is often the case with a family-run business, Margaret was responsible for concepts and designs, while her husband was busy tackling managerial and financial issues. Back then, the company was offering refined (but not extravagant) clothing that came in vivid colours, which was quite uncommon for the all-black German fashion of the time. In the 1980s, Escada increased their market presence by launching mid-range Laurel label. In the years that followed, the company acquired several more labels and IPOs. In the 1990s, Escada faced the challenge of a lingering crisis after the death of Margaretha Ley and the managerial turnover that followed, which was further aggravated by the economic recession in Germany. Eventually, Escada had to file for administration in 2009. The company was acquired by UK-based Indian steel baron Lakshmi Mittal, as an 'oh-it's nothing' gift to his daughter-in-law (currently, Escada's CEO).


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