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A Danish label of casual menswear, a clever hybrid of Levi's and Topman

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Product range. Casual menswear with an emphasis on denimwear and outerwear. Jeans, bomber jackets, hoodies, shirts, and T-shirts that come in neutral yet deep colours and suit the tastes of university students and adults alike. The footwear by Jack & Jones merits special mention. Sneakers, classic men's shoes, brogues and other formal shoes all look impeccable. Winter collections by Jack & Jones regularly feature warm bomber and puffer jackets for you to beat the weather, as well as tube scarves and beanies.

Originality. Jack & Jones serve as an in-between of the time-honoured heritage brands and youth-oriented mass market labels with a streetwear twist. All in all, the brand's style is anything but unique. Unlike Topman, their nearest rival, Jack & Jones are somewhat reluctant to respond to trend shifts and favour all-time menswear staples.

Chic. Jack & Jones are not on-trend by any standard, but still they do their best to embrace some of the trends. In this sense, Originals by Jack & Jones is the most advanced of all their brands (the numerous others are Vintage clothing, Premium, Core, Tech, Jeans Intelligence, and Footwear) that offer bomber jackets, 'now trending' knitwear, and the hoodies somewhat reminiscent of those by Yeezy.

Pricing. The most basic jeans cost £35, T-shirts are £15 on the average, shirts are £40, jackets are £70, coats are £150, and boots are £70.

Corporate history highlights. In 1990, Bestseller A/S, a Danish clothing company that owns Only, Ver Moda, Selected, Vila Clothes and other well-known brands, sent a small menswear collection aimed at young men to Oslo fashion fair. The collection got critically acclaimed, which encouraged the company to launch a brand of casual menswear. This is how Jack & Jones saw the light of the day and soon became Bestseller's top cash cow. Nowadays, Jack & Jones boasts a retail chain of over 1,000 stores in 38 countries worldwide. The brand has earned its reputation for being one of the best jeanswear specialists in Europe.


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