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Product range: Womenswear essentials for everyday wear A subdued color palette, unpretentious styles, and eco-friendly materials are at the core of collections by Stefanel. Chiffon blouses, loose-fitting tank tops, linen suit jackets, striped maxi sundresses, wrap overcoats, narrow dress belts, unassuming handbags, and footwear that is either flats or modestly heeled shoes. Above all, the company puts emphasis on its line of knitwear. Men's collections are way less comprehensive and tend to boil down to jumpers, tank tops, jackets, and a limited range of accessories.

Originality: The Stefanel's major selling point is the quality of the products. The materials they use are eco-friendly for the most part and have a soft hand. The company do away completely with faux gold plated zip fasteners and crudely executed lacework, that are all too common among less upscale brands. Stefanel stores are unlikely to take you by surprise but they can serve as a no-brainer destination for loose-fitting jumpers in colors that are easy on the eye and for office-appropriate skirts that hit a tad below the knee. That said, a poncho or an elongated 1970-ish vest can also make it to the rails at Stefanel stores.

Relevance: None of the pieces by Stefanel can be frowned upon for being too twentieth century, and yet the label is completely unreceptive of the boldest trends of our times and sticks to the time-honored feminine casual style that shows no signs of waning. The pieces are designed with the tastes of more mature ladies rather than cute girls in mind.

Pricing policy: Knitwear costs €120 on average, dresses are €160, while outerwear is €200 to €300.

Corporate history highlights: Stefanel is an Italian brand founded back in 1959. The first company-owned store was opened in Siena in 1980, while the first international Stefanel store was opened in Paris a mere two years later. Nowadays, the company runs a chain of 700 stores worldwide.


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