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Concept. Punks not dead, DIY, sex, obscenity, and rock-n-roll. Claire Barrow is among the most rebellious of all fashion industry rebels: as soon as she came to prominence she refused to showcase her work at fashion weeks in defiance of the time-honoured traditions and hallowed schedules. The lookbooks by Claire Barrow resemble the photographs by Diane Arbus as they feature pretty much the same freak demographics and are imbued with angsty alienation.

Implementation. The label has established its reputation for the ubiquitous surreal print designs hand-painted by the designer herself. Unlike painting that are meant to serve as a static element of home interior designs, what she sells are wearable 'tableaux vivants'. That said, Claire cleverly exploits art gallery spaces to promote her pieces under the guise of faux exhibitions.

Key pieces. Hand-painted black leather jackets, silk printed tops, tights, and even earrings. The leather jackets are king.

Colours. Bright colours and their high-contrast combinations, though the colours per se are less important than artful print designs.

About the founder. As is often the case, doing jackets for her friends started it all for Claire Barrow. Her life changed overnight, when one of the leather jackets appeared in photo shoots by Vogue and ID. About the same time Claire Barrow graduated from the University of Westminster in Fashion Design and showed her graduating collection in 2012. In a matter of several years she's managed to become a cover star of Vogue, Dazed, and ID.


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