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An old good story of normcore and minimalist fashion in the spirit of COS, Acne, and the like

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Product range. Whistles is a British label of predominantly blank apparel that is somewhat reminiscent of both COS and All Saints. Unlike COS, however, Whistles prefer slim fit silhouettes, while vibrant colours distinguish the brand from more subdued colours used by All Saints. Overall, Whistles is a go-to store for blank relaxed fit t-shirts, culottes available in a variety of materials and colours, shirt dresses, as well as leather and suede jackets. The menswear range is similar to that of Pull&Bear, with the colours more demure and the collections free of punk-rockish denim vests.

Originality. Whistles could be best described as teetering between feminine and unisex. The stores are a perfect symbiosis of a fitted waist lace dress, a boyfriend jean, an off-shoulder top, and a ginormous sweatshirt, all nicely combinable with each other.

Chic. Whistles follow the most widespread styles and detail features with blatant allusions to the 1970s, the collections by Prada and Celine, and normcore style. The great bulk of Whistles pieces have their Zara counterparts: this holds true for pajama style suits, slightly flared wrap skirts, denim overalls, slim fitted knit dresses with rib patterns, cullotes or relaxed fit cropped trousers.

Pricing. Leather jackets, on the average, are £400, shirts and trousers are £100, dresses are £150, while t-shirts are £40. Limited edition pieces may cost you as much as £1500 but they share in the whole is all but negligible.

Corporate history highlights. Whistles was founded by Lucille and Richard Lewin in 1976. Today the company is run by Jane Shepherdson. Jane never thought of herself as a designer, but from the very beginning when she took the office of Company chairman in 2008, she had a firm grasp of the target market and its demands, thanks to brilliant career as the brand director at Topshop. This past experience helped her to reinvent the brand and bring the company to the next level.


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