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One of the most affordable lingerie brands available at just about any shopping mall

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Product range. Tezenis is for those seeking budget undergarments. Pyjamas, knickers and tights notwithstanding, the range goes well beyond. The clothing offered by Tezenis includes leggings, t-shirts, dresses and even as some headwear, all blatantly unpretentious and cheap and catered to undemanding youngsters. Perhaps jeans is the only thing you won't find at Tezenis.

Originality. The selection of bras is impressive: you can have them padded, non-padded, non-wired, non-wired non-padded, underwired, and the list goes on. Beware, however, that padding and underband on the vast majority of models are made from synthetic fabrics. Other than that, there's nothing special to Tezenis.

Pricing. Cheap. It's well nigh impossible to buy something above €20 from Tezenis.

Corporate history highlights. Tezenis is a part of Calzedonia group, together with Intimissimi, Falconeri and Calzedonia proper. So if you care to know, Tezenis is indeed of impeccable Italian pedigree, but still gets along perfectly well with its manufacturers in Vietnam and the like.


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