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Product range: American Vintage is a go-to destination for basic womenswear and menswear items. Long sleeves boat collar 'rustic' dresses, cotton sweatpants, voluminous sweats and jumpers, unassuming solid color T-shorts, tops, and shirts made of unrefined cotton.

Originality: American Vintage make very basic clothing. The brand's undisputed advantages are the use of natural fabrics, durable quality, and ingenious colorways. As a maker of basics, the brand stands out from the competition with its color solutions. Warm 'natural' shades like ochre, beige, olive green, terracotta, and plum colors reign supreme there. The vibrant colors they use are never tasteless, while the use of pastel ones is always clever. Knitwear also helps the brand differentiate itself from the hundreds of others. Lightweight yet durable it makes you feel airy and cosy.

Relevance: Despite their unassuming stance, American Vintage are well aware of the trends but adopt them on an ad hoc basis. American Vintage do not aim at being trendy, instead they make pieces that will serve you for years and will not age (within reason), fashion- and quality-wise.

Pricing: on average, tops cost $50, skirts and shorts are $85 jackets are $170.

Corporate history highlights: American Vintage, its name notwithstanding, is not an American but French brand founded by Michael Azoulay in Toulon in 2005. The company founder succeeded in building a team of either highly experienced or at least highly ambitious industry professionals. As of now, Michael is still at the helm of American Vintage run as a moderately-sized family business. The production facilities are concentrated in Europe. Unfortunately, the brand is underrepresented elsewhere (Russia included) and is only carried by several multi-label stores.


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