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Product range. Etsy is a global online marketplace for DIY / handmade enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their seemingly inexhaustible talents. The selection is too omnivorous to lend itself to enumerating and categorising. Etsy covers just about everything from clothing, jewellery and footwear to fairy doors to gargantuan-sized oil paintings. Apart from handmade items, Etsy is a place to buy and sell vintage goods and craft supplies.

Originality. The collective subconsciousness of Etsy crafters, artists, and maker knows virtually no limits. Etsy is rich in hugely oversized jackets, knitwear madness, the most refined lace lingerie, mermaid tail blankets, Frankenstein style light switch panels, leg lamp velvet stickers, and whatnot. The bottom line is that we strongly advise you against buying there anything less than jaw-dropping: hunt for great trophies only.

Pricing. Pricing at Etsy resists summarising and with the prices ranging from ridiculous to whopping.

Good to know. When you make a purchase on Etsy, you pay directly to the seller who's then responsible for shipping and handling.


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