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Product range. Truly British Barbour and Gloverall, technologically advanced Neighborhood, and sportswear giant New Balance are all at your disposal to help you build an outfit for any occasion.

Originality. The store is remarkable for providing label-specific size charts. If you're still undecided about your choice, you're advised to contact the support team to save you from frustration. End Clothing team is helpful in recommending the right item and the right size, which is to be lauded. End Clothing's customer support is touted for empathy and an individual approach to your needs.

Pricing. Regular prices range from €70 for jeans and sneakers to above €100 for outerwear. The complete lack of the 'filter by price' function makes browsing the online store way more time-consuming than desired, but looking for the right price manually would definitely pay off.

Trivia. End Clothing provides the pre-order function for those who partial to limited edition pieces. This proves handy when you want a piece that is currently out of stock. As soon as it arrives to the warehouse, your order it will be immediately dispatched to you.

Corporate history highlights. End Clothing, a British menswear store, was opened in 2005 in Newcastle, voted the best UK city by readers of the Guardian and Observer. The online store was launched in 2009 and since then have gained momentum. Vans footwear is paired with Valentino shoes, while luxury Japanese labels can be found just next to the Belgian ones. Some of the labels, like Japanese Visvim, were unavailable online before End Clothing has entered the e-commerce business in a full-fledged way.


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