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One of the largest online stores for premium and luxury segments of the market

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Product range. Nowadays, Net-a-Porter is one of the best-known online stores that boasts the number of brands second only, perhaps, to Farfetch, with the most relevant collections and overabundant selection. Net-a-Porter carries only womenswear and accessories. For menswear, visit Mr. Porter.

Originality. Myriads of designer fashion apparel pieces and accessories are endemic to Net-a-porter.

Chic. Absolutely.

Pricing. The prices range from the €15 nail polish by Nails INC to the 18,000 wedding dress by Alexander McQueen. Some of the items are way cheaper at Net-a-Porter than at local boutiques.

Corporate history highlights. Net-a-Porter was launched by Natalie Massenet, a former journalist with Tatler at those remote times of dial-up internet access. Back then online stores though already in place left much to be desired with none of them shipping internationally or stocking luxury goods. Many took Massenet's novelty with an incredulous eye. Discouraging opinions voiced by her former colleagues notwithstanding, she launched the website in June, 2000: she allowed only the most relevant collections by luxury brands, introduced international delivery, and made her utmost to make her online storefront customer-friendly. Net-a-Porter was positioned as an interactive fashion magazine: just click the piece you liked and it's yours. Startup capital for Net-a-Porter was £190,000. In 2015, the company was merged with YOOX GROUP to form YOOX Net-a-Porter Group.

PS. If you're looking for tabletop imagery of the pieces from the latest collections, Net-a-Porter is the place to go.


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