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One of the best-known sportswear and outdoor clothing brand in the world

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Product range: womenswear, menswear, childrenswear for hiking, sports, and other outdoor activities. Columbia products equally meet the demands of both professional athletes and those who have nothing to put on for a occasional camping trip or a leisurely walk. Childrenswear collections merit special notice: Columbia stores are a go-to destination for top-to-toe winter outfits that make you rest assured that your kid will feel warm and comfy.

Relevance: Designs per se are perhaps not a key criterion for appreciating sportswear. State-of-the art technologies and high quality are what counts, and this is where Columbia really shine.

Originality: Columbia designers are working hard to develop collections that meet specific demands of a variety of sports activities and weather conditions. All products are divided into categories each targeting a particular activity: hiking, trail running, urban adventures, fishing, and alpine skiing.

Pricing policy: downs insulated jackets are about £185, pullover hoodies are £35, fleece vests are £30, baselayer long sleeve shirts are £55, and 'Omni-Heat' winter boots are £90.

Corporate history highlights: Columbia are a family-run business of German migrants who fled Nazi Germany and moved to the USA in 1938. They started out as a modest Columbia Hat Company named after the river flowing next to their new home. Over the course of decades the company transformed itself into a global sportswear brand that won the hearts of camping and outdoor activities enthusiasts.


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