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Product range. ASOS is a global fashion e-tailer that boasts a remarkably wide choice. Aimed at twentysomethings the store offers glittering tops, colourful knitwear and jeans, mini dresses, wedges, printed tees, relaxed fit sweatshirts, and gazillion of other niceties.

Originality. The pieces that seem most worthy of attention are by Wood Wood, Wildfox, and adidas Originals (you can get there limited edition trainers by Jeremy Scott, for example). ASOS also runs its own label of affordable clothes. Own-brand product range covers womenswear (since 2004) and menswear (since 2007) and its creations are nowadays worn by celebrities from Rihanna to Michelle Obama, which proved a highly effective marketing tool.

As if it were not enough, in 2010 ASOS launched ASOS Marketplace, a hub for several hundred stores worldwide. You can find there a vintage dress from an Italian boutique or a piece by a minor London-based label. And all this at an affordable price.

Pricing. An unrivalled array of brands carried by ASOS extended the price range to the point of making its description meaningless. ASOS carries everything from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel to Monki. That said, affordable mass market labels well outnumber all the others put together, so even within the modest €100 range the choice is immense.

Good to know. Company's large size and its ginormous product range, three international offices in the UK, Australia, and the US notwithstanding, make unconquered multiple logistics troubles. The customer feedback system at ASOS also leaves much to be desired: phone support is unavailable while e-mail correspondence is known to get abruptly cut off by the staff when you least expect it, so if you're still eager to solve the issue there's no way other than to start the conversation over and waste your time again.

Success story. Nick Robertson (the company's CEO) and Quentin Griffiths founded As Seen On Screen Ltd. (later abbreviated to ASOS), a £2.3m e-commerce start-up, in June 2000. The original name referred to celebrity worn fashions. ASOS was the first online store in the world to have launched a fully integrated Facebook Store in Europe that made it possible for the customers to make purchases without ever leaving ASOS Facebook page.


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