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The number one ugliest footwear of the 21st century fashion

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The Product range is made up of resin footwear only: sandals, boots, flats, sneakers are all there, but it's clogs that reign supreme at Crocs. Original 'crocs' look just like massively wedged gumshoes with perforated uppers (hole-less Crocs are also available) and a strap added to the back.

Crocs are unique in exemplifying the unconditional triumph of functional design over fashion. All footwear by Crocs is made out of Croslite, a polymer-based foam resin. Croslite is superior to rubber being lighter and more durable, it is completely slip-resistant and antibacterial and takes the shape of the foot as it's worn. However, Crocs are not meant for everyday wear (especially without socks) as it leads to worsening of toe deformities, nail problems, and calluses. The company sticks to the somewhat odd-shaped design believing that it's unsurpassed when it comes to ergonomics.

Relevance: The controversial design had no say in the crocs hype. This is that rare case, when a product takes the market by storm for the simple fact that it's plain ugly, which gave birth to the 'crocs phenomenon' paradox as it was dubbed by the media. After the Christopher Kane SS17 Crocs collaboration that featured 'crocs' adorned with rock crystals, feathers, and fur, the clogs made a quick foray well beyond public beaches into tabloid columns and celebrity gossip. Crocs know no shortage of haters either: check the blog to get the idea.

Pricing: affordable A pair of clogs costs £30 to £40.

Corporate history highlights: Yachting started it all for Crocs. In 2002, the company founders Scott Seamans, Lyndon "Duke" Hanson, and George Boedecker, Jr., came out with an idea of making footwear that prevents slip and fall on ship's deck injuries and protects you from building up sailing calluses. The first batch of 200 pairs of Croc shoes debuted at a boat show in Florida and were sold out that very day. The initial success was not lost on the shrewd Crocs founders who in 2004 acquired Foam Creations (including rights to the 'croslite' miracle), a company that served as the manufacturer of Crocs since 2002. Nowadays, 'crocs' are worn on beaches, at the countryside, on hiking trails, and on the town alike. Some USA and Canada hospitals even have 'crocs' as part of nursing uniforms.


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