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Product range. The label aims at the women of age group 25-40, which limits the available range of styles and colourways to safe ones only. That is not to say that all the label makes is simple everyday clothing. Quite the contrary, the bulk of the items are dresses ranging from basic ones to watercolour print maxi dresses to skater dresses and fancy organza embroidered full skirts. The product range also covers tops, blouses, jeans, jackets & coats, homewear, beachwear, as well as accessories and footwear. Whether you're looking for disposable flats, sandals or modest shoes, give Dorothy Perkins a try. They have quite a few to choose from: affordable footwear is made available in a variety of styles and colours.

Originality. Dorothy Perkins create flattering clothing for the most common female body shapes imperfect as they might be. This is one of the reasons the label is popular with young mothers.

Chic. Classic cuts are at the core of all the pieces yet the deliberate choice of fabrics and colours makes the clothing look anything but dated.

Pricing. Very friendly pricing. A basic dress may be available for €10, regular prices for accessories and footwear start at €3 and €7 respectively.

Trivia. The company name has a romantic story behind it. It was taken from a type of rose preferred by the wife of one of the company directors.

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19 December 2017
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