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Romantic yet understated outfits for young women

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Product range. High street clothing to wear to pretty much any occasion. The brand's designers aim at the women of age group 18-30, but their collections may be of interest for every woman who favor classic knee length dresses, fringed suede jackets, and strap ankle boots. The brand certainly appeals to the girls who are romantic but discreet.

Originality. Oasis really shine when it comes to their footwear collections. The designers are trend-conscious but never at the cost of quality of the materials used. This makes Oasis a destination store for those looking for black suede sandals or mid gray chelsea boots.

Chic. The brand is far from following every other fashionable craze, so quite a few styles are used from one collection to the next with subtle changes in detailing. That said, Oasis are well-aware of the most obvious trends and gently introduce them, adapted to suit the needs of the customers.

Pricing. More expensive than H&M, but more affordable than Zara. The clothing is mostly of decent quality.

Corporate history highlights. Oasis label was launched in 1991 as an undertaking of brothers Michael and Maurice Bennett. In the mid-1990s the business was bought out by Mosaic Fashions later sold on to Aurora Fashions, a holding company that also owns Warehouse and Coast brands.


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