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Product range. Footwear for men and women, bags and backpacks. The range of footwear by Vagabond could be tentatively divided into two groups. The first group is made up of classic styles like Chelsea boots, brogues, and top-sider shoes, while the second one covers boots, ankle boots with chunky platform outsoles, and ridged sole sneakers. In addition, depending on the season, Vagabond stores offer trainers, slip-on shoes,, ballet shoes, sandals, and slippers. Vagabond has never released anything like extreme high heels or patent leather parade shoes.

Originality. The footwear by Vagabond is in clean-cut and cool style, devoid of superfluous detailing, and comes in universal colourways and styles. Quality materials and elegant lasts created in collaboration with Italy's top lastmaker make the footwear aesthetically pleasing. Vagabond uses real leather and suede, and wood-inspired soles. One of the recent novelties by Vagabond is elastic inserts for easy pull on that eventually replaced zips and buckles. Premium Vagabond collections are handmade.

Chic. Lives up to the expectations. Vagabond favours time-honoured styles but opt for the most hyped of them, like glove-shoes. The most successful models are reissued every new season. We find their women collections a better value than those for men.

Pricing. Vagabond combines high quality with friendly prices that range from €60 to €180. Sandals and sneakers are available for as low as €30 during seasonal clearance sales.

Trivia. The brand was established in Sweden in the late 1960s and has long been a men's footwear specialist. Vagabond was named after free-spirited itinerants who travelled urban and rustic Europe in the glory of the Lord. High-performance footwear that survives any weather conditions was a must have for them. Hence, durability as a key defining characteristic of Vagabond, the shoemaker.


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