Rockefeller Center, New York – location and store directory

Rockefeller Center, New York – location, opening hours, store directory, and the most sought-after clothing items available there

Phone number: +1 212 332-68-68, +1-877-NYC-ROCK.

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Rockefeller Center shopping centre address, phone number, and map

Rockefeller Center (New York)Location: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY+1 212 332-68-68 +1-877-NYC-ROCKOpening hours: Individual store hours may vary
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Directory of clothing, footwear, and accessories stores at Rockefeller Center: product photos, reviews, and product listings are all available on dedicated retailer pages.

Coach10 stores in New York+1 (212) 245-4148
Banana Republic14 stores in New York+1 212 974-23-50
Michael Kors11 stores in New York+1 212 582-2444