Q&A: Fashion weeks: are they worth to follow?
  • 05.10.17
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Q&A: Fashion weeks: are they worth to follow?

Fashion shows are all too numerous to be covered comprehensively even by those who make their living solely by reviewing them. To familiarize yourself with all collections that are out there is a pipe dream, but to confine yourself to well-established brands only is a folly either. Mass market wants us to believe that everybody makes the same product. While fashion critics are eloquent in persuading us that there's nothing left to be invented. However, each new season a bunch of new labels pop up that take risks to challenge our deeply ingrained views. Their voices usually end up silenced in the blaring live broadcasts, and yet they can be somewhat more interesting than ephemeral waterfalls by Chanel. We've picked several shows for you that are worth investing your time in (not just because they look spectacular). At the very least swipe through the images, but you'd be even better off by giving them a closer look.

The brands that you would be unlikely to learn about on your own:

Alongside those that everybody is talking about: