Q&A: Where to shop for basic clothing
  • 04.10.17
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Q&A: Where to shop for basic clothing

What is basic clothing?

Opinions on what basic clothing is vary wildly: some think that it's T-shirts, sweatshirts, and jeans; for others it's shirts and pants, and still others think of it as black dresses. The truth is there's no universally accepted definition. Essentially basics are the pieces you wear most often. Basic clothing conveys no visually perceptible information on trends, brands, and your personality whatsoever.

Dos and don'ts of basic clothing

First of all, basics mean comfy. Unassumingly cut, free of bombastic prints and turn-heads details they are the pieces that are anything but loaded with meanings and that possess an unlimited potential for mixing well with other pieces to be worn dozens different ways. Next comes quality. To save on pants that you wear daily is not the brightest of ideas. When it comes to basic clothing trends are subordinate to practical needs. It makes sense to invest in several quality pieces that will serve you for more than one season and yet will not fall out of fashion. That's why we strongly advise you against another habitual visit to an H&M store and urge you to take a closer look at local labels. Unlike with mass market powerhouses, when minor brands claim 'quality' they mean it.


Whether to purchase a single $20 T-shirt or three $6 ones - it is your personal decision to make. The fashion industry plays with the customer by the customer's rules. If it all sounds too complicated and pricey - go no further than the shopping mall next block and look for H&M, Monki, Uniqlo, and Marks&Spencer stores. Choose mass market brands to your liking but most importantly do not digress from your original plan. A neck tie blouse in hot pink is unlikely to make it to a wardrobe basics checklist, but, after all, who knows...