East-European labels in Saint-Petersburg

East-European labels in Saint-Petersburg

We keep our eyes on 59 brands carried in Saint-Petersburg stores and we make sure to recommend you the best of them. All there's to know: reviews, must-have products with up-to-date prices, special offers, store locations, and phone numbers

East-European labels in Saint-Petersburg in a nutshell

East-European labels in Saint-Petersburg:
59 brands, 111 stores
Minimum item price
1000 pounds
Maximum item price:
29000 pounds
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A guide to the best Saint Petersburg-based local labels

Recent years have seen much talk on emerging Russian labels. Most popular online media sites regularly publish reviews on local clothing manufacturers, new training programs pop up here and there for those looking to catapult their careers in the industry, while local brands, more than international powerhouses, are becoming the talk of the town: just check the sheer number of comments and shares of the article on the financial controversy involving 'Asya Malbershtein'. The key point is that domestic fashion products are improving quality-wise and and their range is growing more diverse, which makes them really coveted and competitive. Speaking of Saint Petersburg, even though the city arguably (!) lags behinds Moscow in terms of the number of up-and-coming labels, new names continue emerge here at a steady rate.

In the late 2000s, 8-store gathered under one roof a number of Saint Petersburg pioneering fashion brands. The ladies who launched the showroom eventually helped Liza Odinokikh, Asya Malbershtein, and Osome2some made a foray into the local apparel market. Sam Browne inspired belts by Asya Malbershtein took the market by storm and has remained in vogue ever since. Add to them other leather goods including handbags, backpacks, skirts, coats, biker jackets, belts, and slave chokers - all available from the brand's online store. Osome2some have been an overcoat specialist brand since their inception. Their showroom also features winter pieces.

NNedre are a go-to for basics. The brand was founded at the heyday of normcore and has quickly gained recognition for its blank dresses, T-shirts, and roll neck jumpers. As of now, NNedre run an online store and a dedicated showroom, and also have virtually all multi-label stores in Saint-Petersburg (as well as a number of stores in Moscow) as their stocklists.

'Usta k ustam' are perhaps the most representative of all Saint Petersburg brands. Highrise linen dresses and telogreiyka-inspired padded jackets might appear a bit too much to your taste, but nonetheless they have cult-like following in the city. The brand's stand-alone store is located at the 'Etazhi' loft, also home to showrooms by SH’U (coats and raincoats), Krakatau (hi-tech outerwear), and multi-label stores Mylnaya belka and Otdel. 'Mylnaya belka' carry an array of emerging and agenda-setting Saint Petersburg and Moscow-based womenswear brands, while 'Otdel' is a (mostly Russian-made) menswear streetwear specialist.

SHLZ is a Saint Petersburg label of denimwear that plays with workwear aesthetics. The brand makes loose-fitting pieces with unfinished trims including impressively edgy boyfriend jeans and denim vests. Bats have a narrow and well-defined focus on leather jackets. They cost about $600 each, but rest assured they are second only to Acne and other upscale brands. Saint-Tokyo collections are remarkable for prints and their ingenious combinations showing no trace of minimalism whatsoever. Estetica would appeal to women who adhere to the notion of essential femininity. The same holds true for Vika Belikova. Nomad Goba stand out by any modern menswear fashion standards, which makes them all the more interesting. Finally, Corporelle Lingerie is the only Russian lingerie brand that, we believe, can challenge the market dominance of La Perla and other underwear powerhouses.

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12storeezonline 8-store Afour Alena Akhmadullina Alexander Terekhov Aloha Gaia Arny Praht Ashgrey Avgvst Bat Norton Bats Brusnika Captain's Mate Check Ya Head Cocos Moscow D.O.M. F3 Studio Fiksson Gate31 Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion I AM Studio Ianis Chamalidy Ilya Chelyshev Initials J.Kim Krakatau LECHARLATAN Leya.me Lovegoodslingerie Luch Design MUUS Nevalenki NNedre Nomad Goba Oh, my osome2some Outlaw Moscow Petra Pirosmani Qari Qris Saint-Tokyo SH'U clothes sokolovaBogorodskaya Sorry, I'm Not St. Friday Tatyana Parfionova Tegin White Crow Walk of Shame