Childrenswear stores in Saint-Petersburg

Childrenswear stores in Saint-Petersburg

We keep our eyes on 47 childrenswear stores brands carried in Saint-Petersburg stores and we make sure to recommend you the best of them. All there's to know: reviews, must-have products with up-to-date prices, special offers, store locations, and phone numbers

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A guide to the best children's clothing stores in Saint Petersburg

Perhaps Zara, H&M, Gap Kids, Uniqlo, or Next are a foolproof way to dress your kid from head to toe. Childrenswear collections of these international retail powerhouses are attractive in terms of both reasonable pricing and up-to-date designs. This is a no-brainer strategy for the moms who are eager to have their offsprings look cute without spending a fortune to this end. Domestic mass market brands, however, lag behind their foreign rivals. Year after year they just keep replicating uninspired dresses made of cheap flavours of satin and baggy school uniforms. Acoola are arguably the only Russian brand to offer stylish clothing and footwear for kids.

More upscale childrenswear brands include Mothercare. Their secret to success is a comprehensive product range covering everything from baby's bootees to diapers. Clothing alone accounts for over 2,000 pieces. The company shines when it come to baby and toddler clothes but their collections for older kids lack the edge if compared to the nearest competition.

DLT stocks clothes and footwear for kids that are made by the brands unavailable elsewhere in Saint Petersburg. These are just a few examples: school uniforms by Dal Lago, swimsuits and beachwear by Sunuva, extreme weather jackets and snowsuits by Canada Goose. As one would expect, the price point is high.

Fashion-conscious kids and their moms will appreciate French brands Bonpoint Jacadi. Bonpoint are one of the best-known French makers of childrenswear. Their store, neatly situated on Nevsky Prospekt (Bonpoint items are also available via the Aizel online store), stocks basics alongside fancy double-breasted wool coats, somewhat old-fashioned poplin blouses with decorative ruffle, red velvet jackets, and menswear-style overcoats with large checks. They will cost a little fortune but have all the chances to serve you as family treasures for generations to come. Collections by Jacadi are anything but extravagant: they stick to unassuming yet stylish designs that are very 'European looking'.

The sports footwear hype has not been lost on kids fashion either: check the Rookie multi-label store at the Galeria shopping centre for trainers and sneakers by New Balance, Asics, Nike, Converse, and the like. All footwear styles for kids are identical to their adult versions, save for the miniaturized size.

As for online stores, we recommend you to try DPAM, KM20, Five Kids Store, Mr. & MissLittle. DPAM is a French chain retailer of remarkably inexpensive yet cute casual clothes with a full-fledged online store. KM20 is a well-known Moscow-based concept store that accepts online orders for childrenswear items by Acne Kids, Marques Almeida, Comme des Garcons Play. Add to this asymmetric dresses and silver suits by Little Pushkin, an almost Moscow-based label. Five Kids Store is the first Moscow-based concept store targeting kids that also sells online. This is a go-to destination for childrenswear collections by a number of foreign brands that are unavailable elsewhere in Russia. Mr. & Miss Little is an online platform that puts emphasis on the labels previously available abroad only: Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini, Bellerose, Nununu, and Oeuf. As for the kids-friendly international online stores worthy of your attention, they number is vast enough to merit a guide-length treatment in its own right, but for the purposes of this guide it would suffice to name just a few of them: Tootsa Macginty, Bonnie Baby, and Baby Soy.

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