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Product range. A comprehensive range of apparel, footwear, and accessories for children aged 0-12. Baby and toddler clothes are all cute and charming, a perfect find for those moms who are fond of sharing the photos of their beautifully dressed children on Instagram. For school-age children and tween, Gap Kids offers versatile casual clothes as well as school uniform. Gap's vision of school uniforms is anything but borrowed. School uniform collections by Gap Kids features shirts and breeches and are devoid of suit jackets and vests. That said, the brand also carries ingeniously rediscovered staples of school uniforms. Girls range covers pleated skirts, leggings and over-the-knee socks, concise fit-and-flare and other styles of dresses with cardigans to match with in cold weather days. Boys collections include sweaters, shirts, tees, and pants that are nothing like a perfectly black body of trash bags available elsewhere. The brand also carries sportswear, footwear, and backpacks available in a wide range of colours and convenient sizes ranging from lunch bags to quilted tote bags to convertible messenger bags.

Originality. The styles are unassuming and are all about functionality. One of the key competitive advantages of Gap Kids is the use of high quality fabrics. Print designs and patterns range from checks and stripes to pastel Victorian flowers and conspicuous high-contrast floral prints to ukiyo-e inspired prints.

Pricing. The prices could be rated as moderate, but Gap Kids is certainly not the cheapest childrenswear label on the market.

Corporate history highlights. Donald and Doris Fishers launched the first Gap store on Ocean Avenue, San Francisco. It would have been called 'Pants and Discs' if not for Doris who changed the uninspired name to Gap after 'The Generation Gap'. The concept behind Gap was to serve as a multi-generational store, from the womb to the tomb. They invested $63,000 in a store stocked Levi's jeans and music on records and tapes. ... By the end of the 1970 Gap had expanded into a retail chain of over 300 stores stateside and overseas. To distinguish itself from just another Levi's outlet, in 1972, the Fishers launched the Gap label, which was revolutionary for the time as no other retail chain had used its store name as the brand name before. The company saw a major decline in profits in the early 1980s but was rescued by its new CEO Millard 'Mickey' Drexler who was well-versed in the ins and outs of retailing. 'Simplify' became Drexler's mantra that soon transformed every single aspect of Gap and the sales exploded.


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