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Product range. At first glance, Mexx collections replete with unassuming knitwear, classic blouses, and plain vanilla T-shirts and tank tops look nondescript, boring, and, worse of all, dated. However, on closer inspection, a number of gems emerge and include coats and cloaks with eye-catching prints and fancy dresses.

Originality. Mexx shine when it comes to relaxed fit clean-cut pieces, nice to the touch fabrics, and artsy prints. Alas, these pieces are eclipsed by numerous others.

Chic. Mexx is anything but on-trend. However, Mexx stores always stock something appropriate for office and school.

Pricing. So-so. Neither cheap, nor too high. All items fall within the £150 range: e.g. a blouse is £40, while men's pants are £70. Expect significant price drops during seasonal clearance sales.

Corporate history highlights. Mexx was founded in 1980 in the Netherlands. Initially, there were two labels that had a single owner but operated independently: womenswear Emanuelle and menswear Moustache. Six year later they were merged into one and sealed with a loving double-kiss (XX), hence MEXX. In the 1990s the company saw a major expansion with the launch of new lines and new stores across Europe. In 2010, the company changed hands and was busy revamping the brand. In December 2014, the Mexx's owners filed for administration, but the brand and the stores keep operating as usual.


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